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    Benefits of Drinking Alcohol

    Posted In Fun, Health - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Thursday, January 20th, 2011 With 1 Comment

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    It might sound a little humorous but it’s true that regular drinkers of alcohol have created a list of benefits that people receive post drinking.

    It might also be true that they created this list while drinking so take it easy.

    Here is the list.

    BRANDBenefit 1Benefit 2Benefit 3Benefit 4Benefit 5
    BACARDIStrengthens bonesRelieves coldsAids digestionDissolves wartsBlocks diarrhea
    BLACK LABELPromotes weight lossHelps stops strokesLowers cholesterolCombats CancerControls blood pressure
    BLACK WHITEPromotes weight lossProtects your heartLowers cholesterolCombats CancerControls blood pressure
    BLUE LABELAids digestionLowers cholesterolProtects your heartStabilizes blood sugarGuards against liver disease
    CHIVAS REGALAids digestionBattles diabetesProtects your heartImproves mental healthBoosts immune system
    CLASIC RUMProtects your heartPromotes Weight lossCombats cancerBattles diabetesSmoothes skin
    DARK RUMProtects against Prostate CancerCombats Breast CancerStrengthens bonesBanishes bruisesGuards against heart disease
    DCSL EXTRA SPECIALProtects your heartprevents constipationBlocks diarrheaImproves lung capacityCushions joints
    DOUBLE DISTILLEDBattles diabetesLowers cholesterolHelps stops strokesControls blood pressureSmoothes skin
    DRY GINLowers cholesterolCombats cancerBattles diabetesprevents constipationSmoothes skin
    FRANKLINStrengthens bonesSaves eyesightCombats cancerProtects your heartControls blood pressure
    GALETINEprevents constipationCombats cancerHelps stops strokesaids digestionHelps hemorrhoids
    GALLERYSaves eyesightControls blood pressureLowers cholesterolCombats cancerSupports immune system
    GOLD COINProtects against heart diseasePromotes Weight lossCombats Prostate CancerLowers cholesterolAggravates , diverticulitis
    GOLD LABELProtects your heartBoosts memoryProtects your heartCombats CancerSupports immune system
    GRANTSLowers cholesterolControls blood pressureCombats cancerkills bacteriaFights fungus
    GREEN LABELProtects against heart attacksPromotes Weight lossHelps stops strokesCombats Prostate CancerLowers cholesterol
    HANNEPIERCombats cancerProtects your heartStabilizes blood sugarBoosts memoryPrevents constipation
    HANSENProtects your heartCombats CancerEnds insomniaSlows aging processShields against Alzheimer’s
    ILICITY ARACKProtects your heartBattles diabetesConquers kidney stonesCombats cancerHelps stops strokes
    LEMON GINCombats cancerProtects your heartControls blood pressureSmoothes skinStops scurvy
    MENDISCombats cancerProtects your heartControls blood pressureSmoothes skinStops scurvy
    NAPOLEONHeals woundsAids digestionGuards against ulcersIncreases energyFights allergies
    OLD RESERVEProtects your heartQuiets a coughStrengthens bonesControls blood pressureBlocks diarrhea
    ORANGE GINCombats cancerBoosts memoryRegulates thyroidaids digestionShields against Alzheimer’s
    POT ARRACKCombats cancerProtects your heart
    RED LABELAids digestionSoothes sore throatClears sinusesCombats CancerBoosts immune system
    RED RUMSaves eyesightProtects your heartPrevents constipationCombats cancerPromotes weight loss
    REMUS MARTINsaves eyesightConquers kidney stonesCombats cancerEnhances blood flowProtects your heart
    RICHORTControls blood pressureCombats cancerStrengthens bonesProtects your heartAids weight loss
    RITZPrevents constipationHelps hemorrhoidsLowers cholesterolCombats cancerStabilizes blood sugar
    SMIRNOFFSupports immune systemsCombats cancerProtects your heartStraightens respiration
    V&ACombats cancerProtects your heartHelps stops strokesPromotes Weight lossKills bacteria
    VODKAReduce risk of heart attackCombats cancerboosts memoryLowers cholesterolControls blood pressure
    VSOCombats cancerPrevents constipationPromotes weight lossProtects your heartHelps hemorrhoids
    WHITE DIAMONDCombats cancerControls blood pressureSaves your eyesightShields against Alzheimer’sSlows aging process
    WHITE GINControls blood pressureLowers cholesterolKills bacteriaCombats cancerStrengthens bones
    WHITE RUMSlows aging processprevents constipationboosts memoryLowers cholesterolProtects against heart disease

    {Click on the image for a larger view}

    Drinking is definitely dangerous to health, so beware before you take this up seriously.

    NitiN Kumar Jain

    Nitin works in an IT MNC professionally but blogs and owns NKJ Live. He is also the co-owner of a professional start-up ARGHAM BYTES

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