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    Easy Domain Name Search Tool

    Posted In Tools, Webhosting - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Sunday, January 20th, 2013 With 0 Comments

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    If you are looking to buy a new domain but not sure what to book as your favorite domain name is already booked by someone else. There’s a domain search tool that comes to your rescue and suggests what might be lingering in your mind but not coming out.

    Tool is Domain Name Soup

    You can search for domain names in infinite ways, literally infinite. Believe me, I mean it.

    You can search for 3 letter, 4 letter, 5 letter, 6 letter domains, random words, dictionary words, word combinations etc. You can even run a wizard and supply characters at specific places and let the tool search all domains with provided combinations.

    As an example, if you plan to book a domain “nit.in” but that not being available, you can use Domain Name Soup to search for domains with an alphabet or number at first place and then “nit.in” i.e. checking if “anit.in“, “bnit.in“, “1nit.in” etc are available or not.

    Select 4 letter domain names link and enter values as below and hit Search. You would notice that “bnit.in“, “fnit.in” etc are still available as an option.


    Search is available for major Top Level domains viz. .com, .us, .co.uk, .ca, .name, .info, .net, .org, .tv, .biz, .at, .be, .cn, .de, .eu, .jp, .in

    Variety of different options are available which will definitely help you to end your search.

    Go and search.

    NitiN Kumar Jain

    Nitin works in an IT MNC professionally but blogs and owns NKJ Live. He is also the co-owner of a professional start-up ARGHAM BYTES

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