Computer and Internet

Posted In Reviews, Thoughtworks - By Anubha Jain On Friday, April 16th, 2010 With 0 Comments

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Could not have imagined 10 years ago that school studying child can actually do business. Yes that’s true; internet and computer have made business so simple. No knowledge required, no experience required, just a little brain and internet on your computer can earn us millions.

People use to take months, sometimes years to establish a new business and set us promotional channels to be known by buyers or users of their product. Similarly buyers need to go miles to search the products they wanted. But now people search you on internet and vice-versa, making it easier for everyone to get everything they ever wanted.

If one talk about business we have; B2b, B2c, e-commerce and plenty of portals are making work easier for us. If we need anything in daily life or daily business we can find them on online directories like justdial. It’s not just work but now even friends are available on internet. We can share our life with people, we can make friends, we can actually find our soul mates, and meet plenty of people who share the same thought that revolves round our mind. A school child finds everything he wants to know here now, even online tuition is available on internet. One can actually benefit from the lecturers miles away. For the people who can’t reach their dream institutes can attend online training and we have a degree of a institute we never visited physically.

We can learn, explore, train ourselves, earn, spend, manage and the list is endless. I believe computer and internet being a salute marked to this century.