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It was a holiday today yet so hectic…. it was really… I had a good afternoon nap, still I am feeling very tired…. probably because of the humid weather … it was a damn hot day… today. I was not in the office AC, so I might have felt it, mamma papa feel it all throughout the day, all 7 days … that is why I am buying them an AC … I have always wanted to give them my everything in my best possible way.

When we were kids, they never hesitated to buy us things that we demanded then why should we even think of thinking to give them anything … I don’t know why many of us after growing up think 1000 times before giving anything to our parents. Just because we have started earning, just because we are capable of living of our own, just because we can fight with our own life, just because we have started thinking on the lines that we are mature enough to take our own decisions…. No it is nothing like that; it is just that we have started modernizing ourselves like people in the West, where parents let their children live their life after 18 on their own…. But we are not like them, our culture is different, we have a very different tradition, strong bonding of love, we still believe in living in joint families where even if you cough once, your whole family is standing beside you. We don’t even feel bad listening to their scolding.

I cannot tolerate anyone abusing their parents for any reason. I simply hate those people. How can anyone forget their responsibilities towards them? Parents never forget their responsibilities. They are always with us whether in good or bad times. They don’t even think of keeping us away from their blessings. Then how can we deprive them from our presence and love?? I really feel bad for people who have grown up without parents. For me they must have done something really bad in their previous life that they have been penalized so roughly.

To me, my parents are my God on the earth and I will always live for them.