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    Beware of a hoax call from number 0800555111 [IMP]

    Posted In Awareness - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 With 0 Comments

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    Below is a true incident write-up by my friend Gaurav Mandse which occurred just today. Sharing to make all overseas Indian residents/non-residents aware about the incident and appealing them to not get scared and inform High Commission of India in respective countries/cities immediately about it and don’t forget to let local police know about it. Find out their details in your country from MEA website here



    Read the incident.

    BEWARE of a hoax call from number 0800555111 regarding your deportation from New Zealand, my personal experience – Gaurav Mendse

    (copying PMO India, India in New Zealand (High Commission of India, Wellington), Ila Kulkarni, Naresh Puri)

    Incident date and time: 10/03/2015 7:52am

    I got a call today morning from 0800555111 (for those who don’t know, this a Crimestopper NZ toll-free number to report crimes anonymously). The guy on the line said that he is calling from “immigration” and he received information from High Commission of India in India! (there is no such thing cause Indian high commissions are abroad) regarding my immediate deportation.

    He asked me to start my laptop and google for number he was calling from – 0800555111. I found that this is Crimestopper NZ toll-free number. He asked me to shutdown my laptop and stop any mobile internet. He said this is highly confidential matter and I should lock my room door.

    He said that I have pending criminal cases against me in India which the High Commission of India in India (again!) informed him. I said that I don’t have even a parking ticket on my name in India and informed him that I just got a Police Clearance Certificate as well from the High Commission of India, Wellington. He said that I am trying to play smart; I replied I am just presenting the facts and the high commission would not have issued PCC if there would have been any cases against me in India.

    He then said that I have not filled the ‘Alien Registration Form’ that is why the high commission of India issued a deportation notice. I told him that it may be required for foreign nationals staying in India and not the legal citizens of India. Then he inquired about my passport details – he knew the address on my passport! He was utterly vague with my deportation reasons (loans in India, credit card bills, etc.). I told him that my application was submitted by a legal/licensed NZ Immigration adviser to Immigration New Zealand and this form was not mentioned anywhere, but he kept on insisting that it is required.

    Then he said he will do a background check to see if I have any criminal cases here in NZ. He asked when I came, where I work, how much I earn, how many account numbers I have, their balances! Whether I do drugs or money laundering…LOL!

    He said I am clear here in NZ and will do a background check with High Commission of India in India, LOL I did not try correct him smile emoticon He said he know that it is night in India but there are 1-2 officers working 24/7 for his queries. He asked me to be on the line and to not hung-up as it will trigger a message to NZ police to arrest me!!

    He got back to me after I was on-hold for 15 minutes and said that the main officer will be available morning India time and the other two were asking him to continue with the deportation. When I inquired what the “other two” said about the deportation reason, he said it was not disclosed by them for “security reasons”! LOL
    He inquired whether I use any credit cards in India or NZ, which I declined.

    Then he gave me three options, which he stated as “provisions” –
    Provision 16 – Face arrest and jail for 3-15 days.
    Provision 18 – Face arrest, jail overnight and deportation tomorrow. Then, he said, I may fight my own “case” with Govt. of India.
    Provision 20 – (this is interesting) He said he can help me to avoid being arrested and deported. He will send someone to get the following forms filled and collected, along with PAYMENT by cash or cheque –
    1. Alien Registration Form (ARF)
    2. Deportation Cancellation Form
    3. Letters of Apology to Govt. of India for not submitting the ARF!
    4. GF230 form with $27 fee as late charges for submitting ARF form
    5. Financial security of $983, paid to the high commission. He said it would be refundable but Govt. of India may deduct amount if I have any outstanding loan!

    I finally told him that I will get in touch with High Commission of India (Wellington) and the NZ police, and will go ahead with “provision 18”. He said that the police are on their way and I would not be allowed to meet anyone, and that I should not leave my home for it would be 15 days in jail. He gave me my deportation number DCGM00767 and hung-up.

    I stayed at home for another 30 minutes. I then went to the High Commission of India (Wellington) to inquire and was not surprised to know that they have not issued any such notice. In fact they were very surprised and encouraged me to report this incident to the police. I reported this incident to the NZ police with the details, today – reporting date 10/03/2015, time 12:03pm.

    NitiN Kumar Jain

    Nitin works in an IT MNC professionally but blogs and owns NKJ Live. He is also the co-owner of a professional start-up ARGHAM BYTES

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