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    Port your LPG Gas Connection Hassle Free

    Posted In India - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 With 0 Comments

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    Mobile Number Portability has been in the country for quite a long time. Now it’s LPG Gas connection that you can port from one provider to another provider.

    The Government has been after Gas companies to make the entire process of booking, delivery, how many cylinders pending in a year etc. transparent. By having respective Transparency portal, they have started opening up but in case you are still unhappy with the services or are moving your house somewhere else then you can port your connection to other available providers.


    The process is quite simple and at no extra cost:

    • Visit companies website and Log in. Create your account online if you don’t have one already.
    • See which distribution of each company are available in your cluster or area.
    • Check the distributors refill delivery performance by their star ratings.
    • Choose your preferred company/distributor in the cluster.
    • Surrender your equipment to the old distributor. This is required only for the inter-company transfer. For intra-company transfer i.e. within the same company, cylinder and equipment need not be surrendered.
    • Visit your new distributor and get tour new cylinder and equipment.

    You can initiate the process by visiting their sites:

    NitiN Kumar Jain

    Nitin works in an IT MNC professionally but blogs and owns NKJ Live. He is also the co-owner of a professional start-up ARGHAM BYTES

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