Suyog Kider Brook Higher Parents Feedback

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Following are some of the feedback from Parents of wards studying in SKBH in the session 2014-15. No personal touch to any of the statement below. They are compiled and put as is as they were said and shared on a common discussion platform, Whatsapp and elsewhere in the month of January 2015.

Sharing to let people know about good things and areas of improvement in SKBH. Hardly any other review available online, hence is is our duty to make it available for anyone and everyone.

You can also add your feedback in the comment section below. Help building a free and fair review for many other willing parents.

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[Parents Feedback]

  • I m pretty satisfied with the progress .. Nursery class but not hearing good feedback for lkg ?
  • UKG not good.
  • Yeah not sure about the quality of their teaching staff…not happy with the class teacher….may be because she is single handedly handling the students…
  • Earlier my son was in Learning Curve viman nagar…their they had two teachers and one aaya handling kids….so it was a different story altogether…everything was upto the mark…
  • I am just waiting for everything to improve…keeping my fingers crossed that’s all I can say…will wait n watch… Haven’t shared my concerns with school authority but yes with the class teacher have spoken indirectly what we feel…as the session is going to end….I am just hoping that the situation improves in the coming year… See my views are based on comparison with the old school where there were 2 teachers and 1 aaya handling kids…here its only 1 teacher… So my request is not to get affected by my experience pls carry on if you have a positive experience with others classes……as I will also wait and watch … I want to see if there’s a change next year when the teacher changes otherwise I will take up the issue… I am just observing right now….so till next session Happy Schooling..
  • Well, SKBH gives lot of homework. School is too far. And. Wen lady attendant is absent for days, they don’t inform, Security concern etc
  • Now a days lot of home work and timing is too early
  • Putting lot of pressure on kids, which eventually get passed to parents
  • Pressure as in homework etc ??
  • Yes, I had to do hw sometimes. School days part 2 for me 🙂
  • But changing the school will effect the child. New environment, new friends, new teachers very few kids will be happy to shift to new place. Instead of this we should speak to mrs dogra about all the issues and should also help in getting into her notice if anything is wrong/unacceptable s for parents, they were excellent last yr. So pls put in your worries on an email and send it across
  • Yes home work is a concern and also class work…as I feel the kids don’t get proper help while doing class work…even the class work we have to complete at home…
  • Even i feel homework burden is too much in skbh.
  • My child is in nursery so things going pretty good. Infact I found no pressure at all compared 2 kids in little millennium or for tht matter city international. I have seen a friends child studying in city international writing pages and pages of alphabet tht too during week days. Only plus point I saw in tht was tht the child started writing much earlier than nursery kids in skbh. So on hw part am pretty happy
  • Only weekend HW and tht allows us 2 give proper time 2 get it done
  • We are joint family having 6 kids at home
    1 skbh
    2 symbiosis vimangar
    1 neuro labs
    1 kiderbrook k n
    1 at victorious kids
  • I see daily skbh and kb having too much homework and rest have very less homework but most of them project works or art creativity rarely seen symbiosis or victorious kids writing on notebooks,Otherwise mostly pc work
  • I think that the schools spoken above are much older (lady with 6 kids on family). We cant compare those schools with an upcoming school
  • skbh too is very good but there are few very few points the school needs to work on and if they really rework on those points then in coming few years skbh will be in Top 10 school list of pune.
    My child is in grade 3. He has been in this school since UKG. Def, I had my ups and downs too from the school but they do listen to feedbacks and ensure a solution. Moreover, its upto us what is our priority… Every school had its good and bad points. It could be the number of students in each class or the school fees or longs hrs…so we need to understand what’s our priority. Things that can be solved with a feedback shd def be given instead of thinking of other options.
  • Yes that’s what I would prefer…since predicting about other schools is also not possible…thanks for the feedback
  • The good points are which mattered me when my child was in lower grades was personal attention, he was encouraged to participate in each activity which i know he would not in any other school with high class strength being very shy by nature.
  • SKBH said that they are starting 4th standard this year.
  • One concern though is overall infrastructure. If primary goes for picnic then pre primary has a holiday. This means they are understaffed and multi tasking too much.
  • Valid .. I also felt bad when nursery were made off last week.
  • Similarly languages are introduced but no specific language teachers. All teaching everything. Same teacher for english and hindi. Normally schools have this. Its not a big deal for smaller classes but should not happen with seniors
  • Also worried on type of teacher at senior class, this year was unhappy with way things went in class 3
  • Should have better knowledgable teacher who can manage the upbringing correctly
  • With numbers increasing from 9 to 16 teacher concentration with every student and knowledge and guidance imparted is questionable
  • Today’s kids need guidance often one to one and everything cannot come from parents.
  • Hi my elder one is in 3rd and younger in UKG many issues regarding studies hw etc we wrote a detailed mail to mrs dogra but no reply. Elder one is facing problem with reading and spellings which should be taken care of school teacher s and all the work books are given as hw without explaining.
  • Yes lots of hw comes unexplained…
  • The creative work and thinking should be polished at school which is very important at this stage
  • Even home works r not explained properly to the kids
  • I personally had a talk with them during the admission and ptms they promised taking care of the same but still my child who works hard and has a good memory power is gaining knowledge but is not able to implement and put the things on paper
  • They should treat each child individually, because every child is different
  • I am not at all against the management some are taken care very nicely but at some places regarding individual care and the foundation or base which a child required should be taken care
  • They told during the admission that competitive exam preparation like spell B and olampiyad will be taken care but which is not done and lots of hw s during those exams so how can a child concentrate and prepare for that exams