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    Register Market / Mutual Fund / Brokers Complaints

    Posted In Awareness, India - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Friday, July 6th, 2012 With 0 Comments

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    You would agree that there is a need to have more financially literate investors in the market place, who are vigilant in safeguarding their rights. One of the main focus areas for the government and the financial sector regulators has been to make investors aware of their rights and duties. Such initiatives are more targeted towards the small investors, since they lack financial literacy than the savvy, rich investors.

    In case you feel cheated by your broker, mutual fund company, you can register your complaints. Here are some useful websites that can help you do that:

    These are very useful national web-based registry, lists entities like companies, intermediaries and individuals indicted for economic defaults, have been non-compliant of laws and guidelines or are no longer in the specified activity – that is among the scores of vanishing companies.

    NitiN Kumar Jain

    Nitin works in an IT MNC professionally but blogs and owns NKJ Live. He is also the co-owner of a professional start-up ARGHAM BYTES

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