Moments to Cherish

Posted In NKJ Live - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Sunday, June 22nd, 2008 With 0 Comments

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Life is really very tough. It has lots of happiness if you can find and accept them else it is a curse. It is a new challenge every other day. Sometimes there is a feeling that you just can’t live with it and the next moment it is a heaven to you. Life is like that only.

My niece and nephew are here for their summer holidays. Nonu, 5 years and Noni, 3 years are the best lucky charms that I have in my family along with my parents, wife and brother. When they are here, life looks so easy. I forget everything while just playing with them. They are the naughtiest children. Sometimes they just go out of your control and believe me you just feel helpless. But they are too good when are in light mood. I just love them.

Ankit would be leaving coming Saturday for Mumbai. He is joining ACC Cement there. But he would be there for couple of weeks only before he goes to Dharamshala permanently via another couple of weeks somewhere in Madhya Pradesh plant. There is a very unique bond between me and Ankit. Even if we don’t talk for any number of days, we still have a very good understanding and we are never out of sync of each other. We have grown up playing, fighting, loving, caring etc etc. We are always there for each other any time any cost. I cherish his company. I have been a little shy in relatives circle but he has always been a boy next door. I love his take on life. He thinks a lot before doing anything. He can be an extremely good leader of people provided he should groom his existing skills in practical scenarios. He is a little careless while at home. His room is always untidy. That was the major reason for our fights when we used to share a room at our previous house. He is in his closed room most of time, chatting, smsing or surfing net. Nevertheless I would really miss his company. He is great human being with some unrealistic spiritual skills. My good wishes are always with him.


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