A Family Sunday

Posted In NKJ Live - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Tuesday, July 15th, 2008 With 0 Comments

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It was an extremely good family Sunday, the just passed Sunday.

We all went to Ahinsa Sthala, a Jain temple like place situated near Mehrauli in the morning. There is a very big sitting idol of Lord Mahavir, the biggest sitting statue in North India, placed at around 100 meters height. You really feel nice being at this place. Less crowd, greenery all round along with the pleasant weather was making it a delightful visit. We generally visit this place every Sunday.

After coming back, had a light breakfast and a short rest break, I with my beloved wife went to NDTV office. We were invited there to take part in the Nuclear 123 deal discussion in their weekly hindi program HUM LOG. I was not new to this professional camera but my wife was. Let me tell you a secret – I was challaned by the Delhi police for red light jump on our way to NDTV 🙂 Anyways, I did not let this lessen our enthusiasm for the program. We reached there and within few minutes, Pankaj Pachori along with the other political leaders from distinguished parties entered the studio and soon started the proceedings. The makeup that Pankaj had put was very evident to the live audience, nevertheless he is an extremely talented reporter cum host.

[Click here to view complete video]

After few rounds and heated discussion the show ended leaving some good memories for me and my wife. We came back to home. We had lunch and again a very short rest break. As the weather was getting cooler and it started drizzling, we decided to visit Swaminarayan Akshardham mandir situated near Mayur Vihar on the way to UP from Kaalen khaa ISBT.

Surprisingly, as we reached there, the weather was hot and humid there as if it had not rained for 2 days 🙁

Somebody said that we are not allowed to take our mobile phones and cameras inside the temple. Being photo freak, it hurt me. We left all our mobile phones and the camera in the car and started proceeding towards the entrance of the temple. Though there was a decent crowd, but I was expecting a lot more. There is triple security check at the entrance so there is very less chance that you can take in any prohibited items. Even ladies purse is not allowed. This reminded me of the time when we visited Ahemdabad’s Akshardham mandir 7 years ago without any level of security at its gate. But things have changed since terrorist attack on it.

Akshardham is really an astounding instance of modern architectures that we have built today. It is visited more for its structure than being the fact that it is a temple. It is the biggest Hindu temple in the world and Guinness has also recognized it. It was really an amazing experience being there. We could not watch the exhibition and movie that is being run for visitors. He hardly had time to visit that but will surely go sometime later. We also did not know about the Aarti time otherwise we would have attended that. Its Aarti is simply heart touching. You really feel close to GOD by just the ambience of it. We had snacks twice. First in a small canteen on the left of the main temple then later we realized that there is a bigger food canteen on the right hand side where we could have eaten more at the same price 🙂 Never mind, we ate there as well. Samosas and Kachoris were brilliant.

After all the snacks we came out as we were getting tired of continuously roaming for around 2 hours or so.

I was passionate to click couple of snaps, so I did. We came back driving in the getting better weather. I with my wife then went to South Ex and had a half plate MOMOs. My wife was having it for the first time. I simply adore its chutney.

And would you believe after having all these, I then had pulao in the dinner. 🙂

It was packed day yet so enjoyable and memorable.

Hope to have many days like this.