Auto Rickshaws in Delhi

Posted In India, Thoughtworks - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 With 28 Comments

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A developing nation, eying to become a developed nation by 2020.
A developing capital, eying for the commonwealth games in 2010.

And condition of the heavily used mode of transport and behavior of their drivers is the worst thing to have in a city like ours. Yes I am talking about Auto Rickshaws in Delhi, the capital of India.

There are different modes of public transport available in Delhi:

You can even think of traveling by DTC buses but buses operated by private contractors are not only dangerous for the people on the road but also for the passengers as you never know when it changes your life.

Metro trains
You should travel in it as it is the safest mode in the city but due to its unavailability everywhere, it is mostly used by people living close to its accessibility.

People have now started using it but it attracts only a section of population due to its high fares.

Individual cars
Only higher class can afford to bear the cost of the vehicle and its fuel, so mostly used by them only.

Auto Rikshaws
These are the most commonly used mode by the lower-middle, middle and upper-middle class which forms a major segment of the total population in Delhi. Low fares and their easy accessibility anywhere make them the most loved transport mode in the city.

Now what should I tell you about these auto rickshaws? If you have ever been in the city, you yourself must be aware of their varying fares, rude behavior of drivers and unwillingness to go at any cost.

It seems like they are the GODs on Delhi roads. Not controlled by anyone, they do whatever they want to do; they stand wherever they want to stand. They can deny you from the services at any point of time. They can charge you anything. Electronic meters in the autos never work and even if they work they are always fast.

So what an individual like me or you can do about it?

Nothing actually  !!!! which is obviously not the case !!!! Everything definitely

  • By law, no auto rickshaw driver can deny you from going anywhere, if it is unoccupied.
  • By law, no auto rickshaw can run on the road without its fare meter running.
  • By law, no auto rickshaw can run on the road with its meter tampered.
  • By law, no driver can charge you more than what is being displayed in the meter (Except night and extra baggage charges ofcourse)
  • If there is a problem with an auto driver then you can always dial the transport helpline and register your complaints (It may have a slow impact but it does work for sure)

If there is already a law controlling them then why do we face problems dealing with them? The problem is actually in the “Aam Aadmi”

  • How many times do we use the helpline services to register our complaints against the faulty drivers?
  • How many times do we fight with them for our right for the service?
  • How many times do we urge them to use the electronic meter?
  • How many times do we ask them to be polite with us?

We actually don’t have time to do all that and still we blame the system. There may have a fault in the system too but unless we point them out to the system how would they come to know about it.

So next time you wish to travel by auto rickshaws in Delhi, just ensure that

  • The driver does not deny you from going anywhere.
  • The driver is polite.
  • The fare meter is running.
  • If you know the distance between the source and destination, match it with the fare in the meter.

If any of the above is not the case then just dial in the transport helpline number straight away and register your complaint. You can anytime call the PCR (Police Control Room) to resolve all kinds of dispute. Police can even confiscate their rickshaws. So don’t bother even if they think that they are the GOD, just register a complaint, call the PCR if required and get their vehicle impounded.

You should always start the process by giving them the warning that you can do all those that they think can never be done.

Government is also trying its level best to educate all of us against all these things in its campaign “Jaago Grahak Jaago” (Wake up consumers)

They are bound to give you the best services and you should not be deprived of it, after all we are the boss of democracy.