An Accident on Delhi Road

Posted In India, NKJ Live - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Friday, October 10th, 2008 With 1 Comment

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It was a very normal day but it ended unusually. The day was okay but late evening proved to be devastating.

It was just another Monday (6th October 2008). I had gone to office on my bike unlike any other day when I go by car. We are actually 4 colleagues who pool a car to go to office. I take my car to Vasant Kunj and park it there and then we go by Kishore’s car from there. Sudipa and Gaurav are other two who pool the service. I had to leave my car at home as it was supposed to be used by my mom and dad. Gaurav was on leave and Sudipa had also planned to come of her own so I took my bike. We would have gone on a three wheeler otherwise. The day in the office was again stressful for me as I had forgotten an important document in the office on Friday and the housekeeping guys have just torn and thrown it away. Seems funny isn’t it?

Anyways, in the evening we left normally in Kishore’s car. Sudipa had also arrived so she was also there. I asked her casually whether she would be comfortable on the bike. She also said ok casually.

We reached Vasant Kunj and left on my bike. On our way to Ber Sarai, I felt there was a heavy traffic so I took the Katvaria Sarai route. We could have escaped the accident if we would have stuck to our normal route. Can’t say actually, something worst might have happened, had we taken our normal route. On the way, she got a little scared after the bike jumped on few path holes on the road and I humorously told her not to worry as Rockland hospital was nearby. But who would have imagined that we would really need to go to some hospital.

As we crossed the IIT flyover traffic light, we were just opposite the Hauz Khas MTNL’s Sanchaar Haat, a white car (looked Esteem to me) came from the right, changing lane at a very high speed, hit my bike from the right and for a few seconds we had just lost our senses. Sudipa had fallen there only and fortunately I had also left the handle else I would have dragged with the bike and injuries might have been serious. I was kind of okay as it seemed only minor tissue injureis to me on my knee, elbow and palm. I stood up immediately and took Sudipa to roadside. Plenty of people gathered there to see the drama. The car that hit us vanished instantly. A traffic policeman also came and asked us to call 100 as he thought if we would call, the service would be fast. Funny isn’t it? If we were unconscious he would have made us conscious first and then asked us to call police. I called 100 and you know it got connected to Gurgaon police and he asked me to dial another number to connect to Delhi Police. Amazing… they all needed to happen to us.

Then suddenly Sudipa started losing her conscious and she fell down. I immediately took water from somebody and dropped on her face. After few splashes she opened her eyes and I told her loudly that she is not supposed to close her eyes and go unconscious. She understood and did exactly that. PCR had been told about the accident by that time. There was a huge traffic jam on the other side.

Gradually people started leaving us. The only traffic police man also left us. A noble man was standing with us till the time we were there. He also offered us the lift to the nearest hospital. And you know that Sikh guy was the one who noted down the number of that car and gave us. I just cannot forget this number DL3F H0222. I had also called Mumu, Sudipa’s sister to come immediately on the spot with their car. I also called at my home. The guy left after we started moving to the Hospital. I firmly believe that if every individual including me is as concerned as he was for unknown people then this place is a heaven to live.

I had instructed Mumu to keep talking to Sudipa while on our way to hospital. I was on my bike. We somehow managed to reach AIIMS Trauma center after piercing through the heavy traffic jam. My dad along with my 2 cousins had also reached there. We were first given the antiseptic injections and then Sudipa was taken to minor OT to do some stitching. She actually had minor injuries on her head, face, elbow and knees. I was wearing the helmet so I escaped the head injury. She had couple of stitches and then Doctor wrote some medicines and permitted us to go. We had registered the police complaint and given them the vehicle number there only. Sudipa left and I also had dressing on my wounds and I also then left on my same bike. The bike also had couple of dents which I will get repaired later.

I also reached home and frantic 3 important hours of my life ended.

We consider ourselves lucky as nothing serious has happened as could have happened by the very impact of the car.

Thank GOD.