Manas Hosting Review

Posted In Reviews, Webhosting - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Sunday, October 19th, 2008 With 52 Comments

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The following is my personal comments on the service of Manas hosting based on my personal experience with them and request you to give your review comments too about the service provider by replying to this post.

When I first heard of it, I was simply amazed by the price they were offering 1GB hosting package for and the best part was that the 1 domain registration was also free with the hosting package. I wondered how come they could give so much of space n blah blah in such a meager amount that I am still unaware of (If you know it then please let me know about it :).

Before joining manashosting I was with Indiatimes hosting that gave me 200MB for Rs. 2500 + Rs. 799 as charges for one of my domain name which was too much for me.

Manashosting gave me 1 GB for Rs. 1500. COM domain registration was free but since I registered .IN domain so I had to give them 300 more. But in 1800 I thought I got an excellent deal.

So I finally moved from Indiatimes to Manashosting. I created few sub domains and everything worked fine. I also got it renewed for another year. Everything was working fine but suddenly it started giving problems. Their Plesk control panel started giving technical errors. Server up time that they promised was 99.99% but it was way below for me. I couldn’t imagine how come suddenly it started giving problems. Suddenly I was unable to add sub domains. It used to give me an error. I was also not allowed to create MySQL database. Don’t know why.

I raised it to the technical staff of Manashosting but I never expected a delay of more than a week to even respond to my query, and even the response was unsatisfactory. I was able to create subdomains after a month or so. I was regularly raising it to the concerned department but I don’t think they were interested anymore.

I had a feeling that when I joined them they were not a big name. They had just come and I was one of their few initial customers but now since they were offering such a good deal, they have got lots n lots of customers and their servers have become damn slow.

I was happy with their services initially but later it had become a nightmare for me to get my jobs done from them.

I might leave them very soon but let’s see how they improve and come back. I am with them at the moment.