Eternal Friends

Posted In Poetry - By Ankit Jain On Sunday, November 30th, 2008 With 0 Comments

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Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow may bring the end, but somewhere in the middle we’ve become best of friends

It is an all real not a reel
Telling you what do I feel
You might have heard many a
Things about your sparkling eyes
But this time I am trying something very precise

A jolly girl carrying a smiling face
Beautiful she with immense grace
Sensitizing, with her soothing talks
Slaying millions when she walks

A rare combination of beauty and ethics
Conforming with all Indian statistics
Through the odds, dwelling down to earth
Owning a friend like you is a true worth

Senses of mine senses for you
Do whatever you feel like to do
This is not all of you, but a bit
As it is rightly said by “ankit”

Friendship is s fragile thing, and requires as much handling as any other fragile and precious thing.

-Ankit Jain