Heavens Missing Angel

Posted In Poetry - By Ankit Jain On Thursday, November 20th, 2008 With 0 Comments

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Rhyme in print is directly from the heart for a girl with sweet amber colored eyes. Few days back in the morning “when I look in the mirror it was not my face but her smiling face” was the one that har turn out to be the focal driving force for my rhythm..

You are an angel
An ANGEL on Earth
Again ‘n’ again scanning the full cosmos
God allows you to take birth,
BUTTT. .that’s only on Earth.

It was the upshot of KASHMIR
The place of pure & sweet neer(water)
Opted as the dawn site of yours
Load the native with full of cheers.

I know you love your place
But if you still be there
You wouldn’t be here
I wouldn’t have kismet to meet U…

Now the coin turned its face as she is back to her place but my heart says she will come, she has to have to come.

The gigantic tragedy happen to me is for whom the rhythm is on paper, I am not been able to recite it to her..

-Ankit Jain