Importance of Elections

Posted In Events, India, Thoughtworks - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 With 0 Comments

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After Barack Obama created the history in US elections, it is now turn of a great nation India who is approaching its state and general elections at a very fast pace.

Delhi is having its election poll date as 29th November 2008 and it is only couple of days left.

People who always think that their single vote cannot do anything then I would like to bring to their kind attention that, as single drop counts in the ocean so as your vote counts in the democracy.

A drop in itself is incapable of bringing level of the sea up or down but you would definitely agree that millions of drops together make a difference. Similarly every individual vote contributes to the development of a big nation like ours, India.

For change to happen, we will have to make a difference this time. If you have casted your vote in the past then continue doing so and if you are the first time voter then you must go to the designated booth to cast your vote on the D-day.

We are the biggest democracy in the world and we should not let down our most powerful weapon which is vote. If you don’t cast vote now then you would have no right to crib about the system later and if you think current system is not working then this is the time to bring in the change.

Educate more and more people around you to cast. We actually need to educate educated citizens of our society who treat Election Day a picnic day as a reason to run away from it. It is my humble request to everyone to make a difference. It takes no more than 2 minutes to cast a vote. Know about your candidates and choose the best. If you don’t want to vote anyone then use the power of veto vote wherein you can tell the election people that you don’t want to vote anyone in the list. That’s the beauty of the democracy.

I loved the campaigning by and the election commission is doing at the moment. “Pappu vote nahi karta” It is for people who crib and react but don’t act at the very first place.

Bring in the change dear Indians.