Importance of Technical Writing Services

Posted In Tech Writing - By Sudipa Sarkar On Sunday, November 16th, 2008 With 0 Comments

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One common belief in the global software industry is that, if a program is well designed or well written, it won’t need any software documentation. But, as we often se this belief has been proved to be nothing more than hot air. Technical documentation is essential for the smooth functioning of a company. Technical Documentation Services comprises of all activities, means and systems that provide information on how to use a product. This information in turn enables the user to understand the functioning of the product and to handle, maintain, repair and dispose it correctly and safely.

Also, in the absence of good and clear documentation written, either by your own company or a technical writing service, your IT staff will end up spending more time dealing with trying to solve technical problems. And this in turn leads to more work and waste of a lot of time that could have been better utilized. And all businesses, large or small, need well-written technical documentation to operate efficiently. Therefore most companies hire technical documentation writing services, especially technical writing services of India, to make the whole process easier for them.

However, if end-users feel that the technical documentation is too hard to learn, not easy to use, or too cumbersome, then it will not be effective or useful. So, the importance of good technical documentation writing services in India shouldn’t be underestimated. A good technical writing service in India should make a product easy to understand and use, resulting in greater user acceptance.

Different companies outsource technical writing services to India for different purposes. Some companies that make products or software outsource technical writing services to India for technical manuals and user guides that’ll explain the how to properly use the product. For example, manuals for computer printers; fax machines, modems etc.

These are intended for both customers as well as internal use. Most of the time, technical guides and manuals written by technical writing services include quick reference guides that provide organized reference during the use of a hardware or software, software user guides providing instructions on how to use a software product, and hardware installation guides and repair guides that give information on the various features and functions of a hardware product as well as how to install, modify, maintain or repair the piece of hardware. Sometimes there are even user guides that supply instructions on how to use a hardware product and how to modify or program its hardware/software.

You can also use the technical documentation written by an offshore technical writing service as a marketing tool, to share valuable information and strengthen the lines of communication between IT and the end-users. However, effective technical documentation written by any technical writing service will take some time and effort, but in the long run, it’s worth it.

-Sudipa Sarkar