Label and Refer Diagrams, Tables in MS Word

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The preferred approach for labelling and referencing  ‘screen shots’, diagrams, tables etc in Word is as follows.

For any screen shot, diagram etc that you are intending to reference.

a)      Right click on it (in the case of tables you have to have selected the whole table) and select Caption…

b)      For tables select the label “Table” for any thing else select the label “Figure”

c)      In the Caption after the default text enter a space a colon and a space followed by a description/title for that table/diagram/screenshot

d)      Click OK and a caption will be added to that item

e)      To then reference that table/diagram/screen shot then from the Insert menu select ReferenceàCross Reference

f)       For Figures (i.e. diagrams screen shots select “Figure” from the Reference type dropdown, for Tables select “Table” from the Reference type dropdown.

g)      Select “Entire Caption” from the Insert reference to drop down.

h)      Then select the figure/table that you want to reference and click on the insert button

i)        Then if the diagram/screenshot/table is not adjacent to the text that is referencing it then select “Page Number” from the “Insert reference to”  dropdown.

j)        Click on Insert again

This will basically insert into the document a dynamic field reference to that figure/table that can be kept up to date by doing CTRL+A (to select all) and then F9 to update all fields.

It will say something like “Figure 1 : A screen shot 12” so you can type between the page number and the caption the words on page so you can then construct a sentence that says

See Figure 1 : A screen shot on page 12

If you insert other screenshots then the numbers will be dynamically updated and similarly if the diagrams ends up on a different page the correct page will be reported.

It reduces the chances of error because Word manages the numbering etc and ensures a consistency of appearance between different people’s documents