You Spoke, Hotmail listened

Posted In Microsoft - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Sunday, December 21st, 2008 With 0 Comments

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Over the past year, many of you told them that you wanted a cleaner, faster Hotmail. They released the new Hotmail to meet those needs, and while many of their customers are happy with the changes, others – particularly folks with smaller screen resolutions – are having difficulty using the new Hotmail.

They’ve been listening to all the feedback, and they want to make Hotmail great for everybody. So, they’ve been working hard on more changes based on your feedback:

They’re modifying the way that scrolling works for those of you who have the reading pane turned off. This will make it easier to see more of your messages and folders, especially if you have a smaller screen. It will work a lot more like Classic Hotmail for anyone who has the reading pane turned off.

  • While they work on this change, they’re removing the promotional module in the lower left corner so you have more room to see your folders.
  • They’re working on a number of smaller fixes that will reduce errors and the time it takes to load each page. This includes addressing concerns from those of you who use Firefox on Linux, and making it easier to close the contact picker when you’re composing a message.

These changes will roll out over the next month, so you should be seeing them shortly.

Hotmail has even more upcoming changes that will come out a bit later – moving the advertisement from the top of page to the side, adding more themes and other ways to customize,  increasing the number of messages on each page, and embedding instant messaging with Messenger right into Hotmail.