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Do you know In addition to providing easy access to billions of web pages, Google has many special features to help you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Here a few you might find useful:

Want to know what the weather is in your favorite city? Simply type “weather” followed by the city and state, U.S. zip code, or, for international cities, the city and country.
Example:  weather los gatos

Calculator: Don’t reach for a calculator. Just enter the calculation you’d like done into the search box, hit enter, and get your answer!
Example:  123*12=

Definitions: Have a word or phrase that you don’t understand? Simply type the word “define” then a space, and then the word(s) you want defined. To see a list of definitions from a number of different online sources, type “define:” followed by a word or phrase.
Example:  define hibernate

Local Search: You can find a store, restaurant, or other local business by searching for the category of business and the location (either the city name or U.S. zip code). Along with the results, you’ll get a map, contact information, and reviews from other users.
Example:  italian food 95032

Movie Showtimes: Google can help you find reviews and showtimes for movies playing near you. Type “movies” and your zip code or “movies” and the name of a current film into the Google search box. Don’t forget to save your location. Once you’ve done this, the top search result will display movies and showtimes for theaters in your saved location.
Example:  movies 95032

Package Tracking: Want to keep track of the delivery date of something you mailed or ordered? Track packages by typing the tracking number for your UPS, FedEx or USPS package directly into the search box. Google will return results that include quick links to easily track the status of your shipment.
Example: 1Z9999W99999999999

Google has “Even More” search features.  You can check a flight arrival time, convert gallons to liters, see what time it is in Dubai,… To learn how to use these and find out about other features,

click here: