Start Windows Explorer at Any Directory

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There is a way to start windows explorer at any directory you wish to.

Run “explorer.exe /n,/e,<desired folder>” from command line.

e.g. run “explorer.exe /n,/e,C:\Windows\” for setting my explorer start up folder as C:\Windows.

There are more options available for the same.


EXPLORER.EXE [/n][/e][,/root,  ][[,/select],]



Opens a new window in single-paned (My Computer) view for each item selected, even if the new window duplicates a window that is already open.


Uses Windows Explorer view. Windows Explorer view is most similar to File Manager in Windows version 3.x. Note
that the default view is Open view.


Specifies the root level of the specified view. The default is to use the normal namespace root (the desktop). Whatever is specified is the root for the display.

/select,(sub object):

Specifies the folder to receive the initial focus. If “/select” is used, the parent folder is opened and the specified object is selected.