Jain Literature

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have always been inspired by the thoughts written in Jain Books. Following are some more portals wherein you can find and read Jain literature.

Loads of Jain Books are available for free to read and download.

The site features books and other resources in Hindi, Gujarati, and English. It is a wonderful resource that will help scholars and anyone with an interest in Jain Dharma.

The site is still in progress but there are already hundreds of manuscripts already available and many of these are difficult, if not impossible, to obtain particularly for those outside India to obtain.

I spent last night reading Srimad Rajchandraji’ s Attma-Siddhi The site has the translation/ commentary by Brahmachari Govardhandasji, which is very difficult to find.

This is a marvelous contribution by JAINA, the JAINA EducationCommittee, and Pravin Shah, who is developing the project.