Ajax Usage Among .NET Developers in 2009

Posted In Events - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Wednesday, May 27th, 2009 With 3 Comments

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Code Climber has survey to see what is happening in the Dot Net – AJAX industry.  Are people still actively moving to Ajax?  Are they using MVC or WebForms with their Ajax?  Which ones of the ajax frameworks out there are they using?  Feel free to write-in Silverlight if that is your current preference for this style of application.

Very interesting data.

So take a few minutes please and fill out the survey and pass it on to your colleagues.


Initial stats out of the survey:

an incredible (in my eyes) 5% claims he is not doing Ajax development at all;

  • the most used web frameworks is pretty obviously WebForms (89%) followed by ASP.NET MVC (38%);
  • the most used JavaScript library is jQuery with 76%, followed by Ajax Control Toolkit (58%) and ASP.NET Ajax (48%). And still a good 8% is hand-crafting javascript and ajax calls;
  • among the ones using ASP.NET Ajax, the vast majority is using the UpdatePanel control (88%) and 58% is using the ASP.NET Ajax client library and talking directly to Json/XML services.