Fire in Bhurji, Gurgaon

Posted In India - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Wednesday, May 6th, 2009 With 0 Comments

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Fire broke out in Bhurji  factory, which makes desert coolers for Bajaj Electronics, at around 8.30 a.m. in Udyog Vihar Phase II.

It is next to our Xchanging office at 271, Udyog Vihar Phase II. We were working normally before couple of people turned to us saying that smoke is coming out from the next building. We knew the factory contains chemical, so thought might be a little fire. But within few minutes little flames started touching the skies and black smoke all over the place.

Our management took the quick decision of vacating the building instantly. We went out and saw that workers working in Bhurji were trying to save as much stuff as possible by throwing them out on the road.

Huge crowed had gathered by then, but no wonder, neither anyone from Gurgaon police nor any fire brigade had turned up till then.

We all were standing out and doing nothing. What else could we do except stand and watch.

Then a Gurgaon police PCR van came followed by couple of fire tendors. You can imagine how much would have been the damage before they came. 45 minutes was a lot of time to damage a lot.

We moved out of the spot and gathered at a park near by and then the critical resources started going to the Disaster Recovery (DR) site of Xchanging at Manesar.

The ordeal ended for us but for people involved their, it was just the begining as when we left the smoke was still all over the sky and growing.

Later we got to know that it took three hours for 15 fire tenders to control the fire.

A part of Xchanging building has also been severely damaged. No person casualty has been heard. Thank GOD!

Let’s hope everything would be okay soon without any much damage.

Following is the video somebody shot from far.

Couple of snaps from net also are here:

We have clicked some close photographs of the spot which I will upload soon.