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People who regularly work in teams should check out the recently released standalone contact manager: It lets you manage your contacts and put them into groups.

When you share a document in Google Docs, just click Choose from Contacts to pick one of these groups. There’s no need to enter your collaborators’ email addresses individually. The groups you create or modify while using Google Docs are stored in the contact manager and can be used across other services like Google Calendar, Picasa Web Albums, and Gmail.

You might have noticed that Google Docs, Picasa, Google Calendar and other services remember who you’ve shared with to make sharing easier the next time. If you’re not using Gmail and its built-in contact manager though, you haven’t been able to update people’s contact information when things get out-of-date. That’s why we’ve launched a standalone contact manager, which lets you manage your contacts even if you don’t use Gmail.

Just as with the Gmail contact manager, this standalone version lets you create groups, add multiple email, phone, or home addresses and even adjust chat preferences for your contacts. You can import your contacts from other sources or export the ones you have currently.

You can find the standalone contact manager here:

So start using it. Its really useful.


Courtesy: Google Docs