Shame to Mumbaikars

Posted In India, Politics, Thoughtworks - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Monday, May 4th, 2009 With 0 Comments

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Again there is less voting incident at Mumbai. Even not only in Mumbai it has been happening in all major cities of country. Elections are being held on very near weekends and holidays and people prefer to enjoy and spend their valuable time to some spots rather than wasting their time to voting.

Last 30th April it is evident there is only  43.8% of voting held in Mumbai who has literacy rate of 77%. It is same Mumbai who took part and stood aggressively against anti national elements and lethargic policies of govt. on 26/11 terror attacks. That time entire public of city (few were from other cities too) regardless of their caste, religion and profession stood uniformly to show their solidarity towards the attack victims. That time every one pledged to take part constantly in nation building processes.

Besides lot of efforts have been put by various govt. and non govt. organizations to make public aware regarding the voting duties and rights given by constitution nothing is being taken positively by honorable public of India. Same here (in Mumbai) all practices seem to be going in vain.

Question is, where were Mumbaikars at this time? When it comes to take part actively in democratic processes everyone seems quitting with their own excuses.

Problem is that 30th April was holiday for voting, 1st May is ‘Maharasthra Day’ so it is holiday and Sat. Sunday will be weekends. So intelligent Mumbaikars had already booked their days for nearest tourist places Mahabaleshwar, Khandala, lonawala etc.

When we will realize Voting day should not be considered as holiday? It is a precious day which comes only once in five years (for general elections) and it is our fundamental right and moral duty to be participated in that. We have largest democracy in world and elections are the biggest ‘public festival’ of this democracy.  Finally this govt., which is to be formed, will be responsible for our future state. Understand this !!

When we (youth especially) will understand if we don’t participate actively in democratic processes of country nothing would be changed. No person else will come to solve the problems. We and only we should realize our responsibility towards city and the nation and must come forward to do the needful.

Don’t we have some time to think. Don’t we have a single day to vote!!

We need mere to cast our vote at our respective places. Convince other to cast their vote for him/herself for country and for their own generations.