Caste Based Governance at its Worst

Posted In Awareness, India, Politics, Thoughtworks - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Monday, June 8th, 2009 With 0 Comments

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A businessman was murdered in Ghaziabad, UP and the DGP of the District visited the victim’s family to hand over a cheque of Rs.1.50 lakhs (naturally from public money) as compensation. Why? The dead man merely happened to be a ‘dalit’!

But, what is so bizarre, disgusting and totally unconstitutional about it? Nothing at all, except that the man was murdered by his own wife and her lover!!!

Now the question is, Would the DGPs henceforth hand over similar cheques to the families of all people who get murdered in UP or is that only ‘dalit’ victims (no matter how rich) would alone be entitled to public resources? Are the non-dalits of UP no longer the citizens of India? Are they no longer entitled to protection of the constitution?

One can understand compensation being paid to victims of riots, organised caste-crimes etc, but to compensate the murderers themselves because the victim had been identified to be a dalit is a first of its kind in the world!

Long ago we had read that in certain Muslim countries, govt. compensation in case of unnatural deaths is based on the ‘religious’ identity of the victim. Many had condemned such a scheme. But is Mayawati’s above scheme any different?  

DGP visits home of Dalit murder victim 06.06.09

The DGP of UP police visited the home of a 40-year-old Dalit businessman here and presented a cheque worth Rs 1.5 lakh to his next of kin on Friday. Rajesh Kumar Tomar, a laundry house owner, was found strangled to death on agricultural land near Ator Nangla village in Sihani Gate PS area of Ghaziabad early on Thursday morning. Police solved the case within six hours of his arrest. Four persons including the wife of the deceased and her lover have been arrested.

“I am here to execute the new directives of the State Chief Minister that the DG would personally visit the spot to show the State’s concern at the death of any Dalit in the State. A cheque is being presented to the family members of the deceased,” DGP Vikram Singh said.

Rajesh Dwivedi, inspector-in-charge of Sihani Gate police station, said: “Locals spotted the body around 5 am and called us. When we interrogated the wife, Munish, she broke before and confessed that her lover killed her husband and she had been complicit in the matter. Upon her tip-off, we picked up the others and their confessional statements matched with hers. We had solved the case in six hours.”

Extremely sad situation in INDIA.