National Technical Manpower Information System

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I wasn’t aware of something like this in India. But when my brother received a letter from them recently I was extremely curious to know about them.

Actually after reading the letter and a questionnaire accompanied by a it, I had guessed it is something related to identify the technical workforce in India. The questionnaire included questions like where had you done your technical education from, whether employed or not and if employed, organization where working, salary and similar sort of questions.

I Googled it instantly and got quite a good results.

The National Technical Manpower Information System  (NTMIS)  has been set up in 1984 by the Government of India with a view to serving as a reliable data and information base for the development of technical educational facilities in the country.   Keeping this in view, the system focuses on disseminating information generated under it, for use by the potential users, particularly these concerned with technical education planning and administration.

It is a computerised Manpower Information System.  It is to generate and maintain an up-to-date data bank for providing reliable information on Engineering Graduates and Diploma holders which is pre-requisite to planning and Administration of Technical education on proper lines.  NTMIS marks the climax of series of options so far exercised by the government in planning of technical manpower in the country.

Its North India’s Nodal Center is:

Administrative Building,
Delhi College of Engineering
Bawana Road, Delhi – 110042

This looked great to me.

What are your views??