And I Became Part of the System

Posted In India, Thoughtworks - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 With 0 Comments

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Yes, I recently became part of the system that I used to hate a lot and wanted to bring in the change in it. I regret it and pledge not to repeat it.

Now the story.

Actually what happened was that I went to my bank and I parked my bike in front of it without knowing the fact that it was a no parking zone. As a matter of fact, how would anyone know when there were no sign boards around it and moreover security gaurd of the bank sitting outside behaved like a dubmo who doesn’t warn about it.

I went inside, came out in around 10 minutes and saw that my bike was getting towed away by some men including a police man. There were 5, 6 other bikes also being impounded. 2 other owners were sitting on their towing vehicle so I also ran and got over it.

Those men just believed in towing away vehicles and make money without taking care of the vehicles at all. They broke mud flap of one of the bikes in the process and when the owner of that bike shouted, they let him along with his bike go without getting him challanned.

They were continuosly telling us that the challan amount was Rs 300 so indireclty they were prompting us to pay them less as bribe and take away our vehicles without being challaned formally. This is the root of the corruption you see.

Initially I had thought to pay full challan but seconds later I realized that I did not have that much amount in my wallet. I was carrying my ATM card though but don’t know why I preferred becoming part of the system. I paid them 100 bucks and got my bike released.

Although I saved 200 bucks but I regret becoming its part.