Google Map Shows Arunachal Pradesh as Part of 2 Countires

Posted In Google, India - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Monday, October 26th, 2009 With 1 Comment

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Arunachal Pradesh has always been in territorial controversies between India and China. India claims it to be integral part of it while China thinks its their territory.

Google has fairly resolved the issue.

Google maps India shows it to be in Indian territory. While local version of Google Maps in China has pleased their authorities by depicting it to be part of China.

What else can you ask for. Definitely More. For rest of the world Google Maps has shown it to be a disputed region.

See the Indian version below:


Chinese version:

For rest of the world:


Google, which has massive stakes in both India and China, has clarified that it is its “standard practice” to depict any country’s official position on Google’s localized domains for that country.

The same thing is true for Kashmir also.

May be it is that simple in real life also.