Choose Your Web Host Sensibly

Posted In Reviews, Webhosting - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Monday, December 14th, 2009 With 4 Comments

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Choosing a web host for your website is the biggest decision that you have to take in the beginning. The web host is critical because it directly affects the performance of a website. Right choice in the beginning can save you from the nightmares that a web host has to offer you.

Although you can change your host at any time, but changing a host means moving your files / database to another host which demands thorough knowledge of the process and is absolutely not recommended to do every now and then. You may end up losing your data. It affects your pocket also.

Generally you ask your acquaintances for recommendations and you end up with the same host your link uses without evaluating it yourself.

Imagine if you could have a Wikipedia of web hosts where various hosts are evaluated on different parameters like price, uptime, reliability, technical support etc.

Web Hosting Choice is the web host Wikipedia.


Web Hosting Choice is a hosting rating and research guide which can help you to choose the right web host for your website. You might be looking for a budget hosting or green hosting or perhaps you want the hosting server and support to be local to your location like uk web hosting. Host Directory helps you pick the type of hosting that you are looking for your website.

You can also search for a web host based upon your interest and parameters. Like, if you want a budget host with 50GB bandwidth and not less than 99% uptime.

The homepage features a regularly updated list of Top Ten web hosts of 2009 based on user ratings and on parameters such as bandwidth, uptime, price, customer support etc.

They also maintain a Learning Center for beginners so that they can familiarize themselves with commonly used web hosting phrases like what is uptime or what is virtual hosting.

It’s amazing. Hope you find Web Hosting Choice useful too.