Search And Add Photos Within WordPress

Posted In WordPress - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Friday, December 18th, 2009 With 0 Comments

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Do you also go to Google or any other site for a quality image search every time you are writing an article?

If yes, then let’s make your job a little easy.

You can make use of a wordpress plugin, Freebie Images, which is so powerful that you can search images within your “Add New Post” page and it also allows you to embed the searched photo right from there. It’s drag  n drop. Can we ask for anything more?

Just Download and activate the plugin and it’s ready to use.

Now, whenever you go on to add a new article, you will see a Freebie Images widget on the right.


You can search for any image and the result will be displayed to you. The best part is that the page does not post back and your article content will remain as is.

Hovering any image will give you the image details


You now only need to look for the image best describing your article.

  • Select
  • Drag
  • Drop

Three simple steps that you are required to do.


Wonder why the watermark and the link below the image. It is obvious that if somebody is allowing you to use his quality images for free, you are supposed to give credit back to him. And the plugin has taken care of adding a back link.

Please note that you can use the image the way it is created by the plugin. Of course you can change the orientation, size, position etc but you cannot remove the link or edit the image in any way. Read more about the licensing.

We already give credit for the photos used in our blog, and I do think this is just a good way to give credit right under the photo to appreciate the work done by photographers.

Go ahead and have a look yourself.  It really gives good results.