Wibiya Toolbar Not Showing on WordPress Blog

Posted In Tools - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Wednesday, December 9th, 2009 With 8 Comments

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After seeing the power of Wibiya toolbar on many sites couple of days back, I also requested for it as it is still in Beta and the access is given on request basis.

I got the access within 2 days of my request and then I started playing with it instantly.


I installed the plugin and it immediately started showing up on my blog. I was continuously playing with it and suddenly the toolbar disappeared. Then my r&d began.

I started removing the application one by one which I had just added but nothing happened. Even the Toolbar preview on their site was not displaying anything. I thought it may be a server error or an error in the javascript. I then opened up other blogs where this toolbar is being installed and it was working perfectly fine there.

I started Googling it and found a blog where it was suggested to modify the plugin a bit. I modified the plugin but even then it didn’t turn up.

I was wondering what happened instantly, but how could I have given up.

I removed all applications and then checked and you know what the toolbar showed up. I then started thinking what all things I had changed.

It immediately stuck me that I modified the Notifier Title and message. I added all applications except Notifier, and it worked.

I then changed the title back and gave it a single character ‘A’ and then tried and and my boy it worked.

I then wondered what was wrong with the previous title which was “What’s happening??” No idea what was wrong with it but changing the title made the plugin worked. Now when I again keep this title the notifier displays it as:

wibiya toolbar doesnt show up

i.e. apostrophe has been converted to %27 which I guess is the HTML encode for apostrophe.

I don’t know what really happened but it is now working cool.

Did you also face similar kind of a problem installing wibiya? Please share.