Answer to “Kuchh Nai”

Posted In Fun - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Monday, May 10th, 2010 With 0 Comments

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We finally found what some people actually want to have when they say “Kuchh Nai“.

Kuchh Nai as it is described:

Kuchh Nai Scotch Whisky carries a deep amber appearance, with elements of mahogany lights.

The taste is smooth and viscous, full and rich. The primary taste is sweet, with a hint of smoke in the finish. Connoisseurs have described the finish of this fine whisky as lengthy.

Kuchh Nai’s full bodied aroma, blended with sweet Highland heather influences, lingers long on the palate, instantly displaying the whisky’s fine heritage to the most discerning Scotch enthusiast. In its purest form its nose is rich and rounded with good whisky identity and well-integrated aromatics. A trace of peat -smoke is evident, suggesting that Islay malt has been used in the blend. When water is added to this finer blend, this opens up the aromas, bringing out the fruity, eastern character and developing an attractive freshness.

In addition to Kuchh Nai’s unique flavour, its name gives it considerable added value in an Indian context. The deliberate pun in Kuchh Nai, which means “Nothing” in English, will generate a smile at least, bringing humour to the image of whisky drinking.

In language terms the words Kuchh Nai mean “nothing“, in whisky terms “everything” may be a more befitting description.

The traditional hospitality generously offered to visitors in India is enhanced with an extra dimension of humour with the serving of Kuchh Nai, given the significance of the name in the traditional welcome;

” Ki Pivon Ge? Kuchh Nai”, which translates as “What would you like to drink? Kuchh Nai (Nothing)”.

In summary Kuchh Nai is a first rate whisky in the deluxe category. Its richness is described as “old-fashioned”, a rare quality, which has been blended out of most premium blends of today.