IPL Vs Nations Pride

Posted In India, Sports, Thoughtworks - By Ankit Jain On Thursday, May 13th, 2010 With 0 Comments

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Great Show at IPL season-3, where in batsmen were more keen to hit the ball outside the stadium, and bowlers were busy in putting 6/6 yorkers, then there came the T20 world cup-2010, where scenario was wholly upturned.

There have erupted many theories for the shameful defeat of India in the T20-world cup, some of them said it’s “Fatigue” due to overplay by our PLAYBOYS, OFF the field, not ON the field. Yes surely it needs a good amount of time to prepare you to grasp the attention of blue eyed women in the IPL party nights.

Other says it’s MONEY which has been the decisive factor for the great or poor show by our honorable PLAYBOYS.  In IPL it’s all in Millions while in international cricket it crunches to mere thousands only.

I think here I have been able to reveal the reason behind the poor show of the poor country. Now a notion has erupted whether it’s MONEY Vs NATION or MONEY Over NATION. Whatever it may be, but surely it’s now IPL Vs NATIONS PRIDE.