Enable Edge and 3G on iPhone 3G with iOS 4.0

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There seem to be some problem with iOS 4.0, which is restricting service providers to automatically update GPRS settings after the SIM card is inserted. It definitely worked with the previous versions of iPhone operating systems.

After successfully jail breaking and unlocking my iPhone 3G with iOS 4.0 using the direct links to all required applications, I stuck up on having my GPRS not working. I am using Airtel SIM card (India).

The settings were automatically updated when I was on iOS 3.1.2 but with iOS 4.0 there seem to be some problem.

Anyways, I am not here to discuss problems in OS 4.0 rather solutions or temporary work around.

I looked into my iPhone completely but I could not find the “Cellular Data Network” setting under “Settings > General > Network  >” so could not manually update the GPRS or APN settings.

I started Googling and found out a link using which I could make the “Cellular Data Network” visible. But none of them worked for me. I did not have GPRS working so I could not download Cydia application and/or go to the unlockit.co.nz link. I also tried using Cyder 2 to install the APN Editing application but in vain. Nothing seemed to work for me. Modifying the plist file also seemed quite a work. (Reference Link)

Somebody told me to insert Reliance GSM SIM card once and it will make the setting visible (seem to be some flaw in the Reliance GSM card) but I did not have that so another nonviable option for me.

I continued Googling and found out another link using which I could modify the APN settings without having to have it visible. That’s by using iPhone Configuration Utility 2.2 (Reference Link)

I immediately downloaded the utility and installed it on my laptop and modified the APN settings and installed the configuration profile on my iPhone and GPRS started working on my iPhone. (You may need to restart your iPhone)

Happiest man on the earth once again.

Make note of following things:

  • Ensure to mention both Name and Identifier under General section as both are mandatory fields.
  • For Airtel India only airtelgprs.com is required in the Access Point Name (APN) field.
  • For troubleshooting just look into Devices/<phone>/Console for error messages.

Hope it helps.

Quick Reference

And from here you can directly download all required files/applications to jailbreak and unlock iPhone 3G.