Indian Rupee Has a Symbol Now

Posted In India - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Thursday, July 15th, 2010 With 0 Comments

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Rupee has got its symbol finally after Government of India started planning to take Rupee to global market.

It is really a proud feeling to just think that we are going to have a symbol of our own currency rupee.

In a recent development, Government of  India approves a symbol designed by an ex-IITian D Udaya Kumar for Indian Rupee.

Now what’s next?

Next in everyone’s mind is how and when do we get to type the new symbol?

This isn’t going to happen overnight. Ambika Soni, in the press conference held to announce the new symbol, said it might take up to a year for the new Rupee symbol to be used throughout India and about two years for international acceptance.

For widespread usage, the new symbol has to be accepted by the Unicode Consortium’s Unicode Technical Committee that is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Unicode Standard, including the Unicode Character Database.

India is a member of the Unicode Consortium and getting an approval for the new symbol shouldn’t be too difficult. In fact the new symbol had been designed keeping in mind the ease with which it can be incorporated into the existing software systems.

The Unicode Technical Committee meets on a quarterly basis and the next meeting is scheduled for October.

Encoding in the Unicode Standard will also ensure encoding in the International standard ISO/IEC 10646 as both the organizations work closely with each other.

The symbol will also be included in the Indian Standards, viz. 13194:1991 – Indian Script Code for Information Interchange (ISCII), through an amendment to the existing list by the Bureau of Indian Standards. The ISCII specifies various codes for Indian languages for processing on computers along with the key-board lay outs.

While the Government of India can mandate hardware manufacturers to include the symbol in keyboards, it can also be accessed through assigned keyboard combination or via the operating system’s Character Map, post approval from the Unicode Consortium. Software manufacturers can include the symbol in their new updates.

But you don’t necessarily need to wait for the official standards approval to use the new Rupee symbol. Soon typographers will release fonts that include the symbol. But these fonts might not be universally supported.

Moreover, you can build your own font for the new Rupee symbol using free online font-creation tools.

Let me know what you feel about the symbol?