Moved Anugoonj From JustHost to DreamHost

Posted In Tutorials - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 With 0 Comments

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We just completed the movement of “Anugoonj – A social platform“, which is hosted on Pligg CMS, from JustHost to DreamHost web hosting provider and believe me it was damn easy. Even a layman can do it with so much ease.

We will quickly tell you the steps:

  1. Download Filezilla ftp client (Direct Link), if no other ftp utility present. It is quick and easy to use.
  2. Login to ftp of your current hosting provider and download all the files.
  3. Create /Add the domain to your new hosting provider, if not already done.
  4. Login to ftp of your new hosting provider and upload all the files to new domain folder.
  5. Files have been uploaded, now is the turn of database.
  6. Login to MySQL of your current hosing provider and export the complete database as sql script and one with only tables.
  7. Login to MySQL of your new hosting provider and import the database sql and execute it.
  8. If the database creation fails because of the lack of permission of database creation from MySQL interface, then login to the control panel of your new hosting provider and create a new database.
  9. From MySQL execute the script which contains only tables and data.
  10. Your database is also done now.
  11. Now go to the file in new hosting ftp libs\dbconnect.php and update the new database information. Host may remain same (localhost) but db name, user id and password may change.
  12. Now you need to change the nameservers of the domain in your domain controller.
  13. I think you are done.

And you know, I later searched it and found an article on Pligg that explains everything in details but I did it myself without its reference. Its damn simple.

Let me know in case you do it and face any issue.