Commonwealth Or Common Vs Wealth

Posted In India, Thoughtworks - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Monday, September 13th, 2010 With 0 Comments

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Even after 100s of scams coming out of the Commonwealth Games well before they have officially started, I always remained positive about the games being held in India for the first time, India getting on the worlds games map, lots of International contingents to visit India and Games bringing good luck to the poor people employed by it and all that.

I always ignored all negativity, thinking scams are everywhere, management people always make money, there are always personal favours and things like that.

But a book really made me to re-think all that and forced me share the thought.

It’s Common Vs Wealth” an eye opener, exposing Commonwealth Games 2010, by Kapil Mishra, who is also the co-founder of a youth action group that works on spontaneous issues that need cognizance “Youth for Justice“.

“They are killing animals, they are cutting trees, they are displacing people, snatching livelihoods, destroying river, looting the taxpayers, violating all possible labor laws, increasing cost of living to unimaginable heights, asking students to vacate hostels, destroying heritage of this age old city and all this in the name of Green Games.” The books writes.

It also clarifies some of the very common myths that people of the nation have about these games like:

Myth No. 3
CWG 2010 is Green Games

The Truth
More than 50000 Trees have been cut for projects related to Commonwealth Games. The Games Village itself is a case of violation of existing Environmental laws and is situated on ecologically sensitive river bed of Yamuna River. The only thing green about these games is the “money” involved.

Myth No. 8
Games are helping city in getting World Class infrastructure

The Truth
Most of the infrastructure is being developed on the route of players and visitors during the games (Flyover on Barapula Nalah) and it will be of no value to common masses of the city once the Games are over. Similarly the quality of infrastructure is also very poor and unsustainable.

Myth No. 10
Delhi will be better city after these Games

The Truth
With lesser trees, no animals, dead river, unemployed work force, sky rocketing cost of living and acute crisis of health, education, water, sewages related infrastructure, Delhi will not be better than a living hell. A perfect case study of how development should not happen, but it will be too late to learn.

The book reveals different scandals in the name of these games and also points out the relevant questions that the authorities must answer.

You can read / download / share the book from here:

It’s Common Vs Wealth

I am still partially optimistic about the Games bringing fortunes to the city and country but the questions raised should be answered. What do you guys think??

Hope Commonwealth Games 2010 are a success not only for all participants but for the whole country and does not bring a shame in the international arena.