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After writing about the plight of Auto Rickshaws in Delhi, I came to know few informative things about Auto Rickshaws in Pune so thought of sharing them too.

I know most of you might have already been aware of these but not don’t remember, so wanted everyone to make a note of these so that it can be useful when this is actually required.

Similar to Delhi, Auto Rickshaw drivers are rude and uncooperative in Pune too.

  • They only run as per their wish.
  • They go wherever they want to go.
  • They charge whatever they think should be charged, and all those things.

Refusing trips and overcharging by them is the normal thing here too, although it is more prevalent in Delhi. People generally don’t feel like going to police stations for these small issues.

To manage these auto rickshaws drivers and to ease the process of registering complaints, RTO Pune has launched few helpline numbers using which we can register our complaints and expect a speedy action against them.

If you come across an errant rickshaw driver, one who refuses to ply or demands extra money, you should immediately send an SMS on 59994 in this format: RTO_Pune_Vehicle Number_write your grievance.


RTO_Pune_Vehicle Number_write your grievance to 59994

You can even email you complaints to the Pune RTO office and Pimpri Chinchwad RTO office at

Email /

A Toll Free Number for registering complaints has also been launched 1800-233-0012.

Toll free number

1800 233 0012

You can calculate your fare as {Meter Reading} * 8 + Rs. 3 = Your Fare. It is because ever meter is charged Rs 8 except the first KM which is charged Rs 11.

Calc Fare

Meter reading * 8 + 3 = your fare