WordPress White Screen of Death

Posted In WordPress - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Thursday, October 21st, 2010 With 0 Comments

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I had come across WordPress Blank screen of death and Schedule maintenance error, but recently came across another error which I later identified as WordPress white screen of death.

This is very much similar to the blank screen of death but the cause and resolutions are different. Blank screen of death appears when installing wordpress but this white screen of death can appear anytime during server movement or playing with your wordpress setup on ftp.

So what actually is this error?

The error happens when you try to open your blog / post / page / tags etc hosted on wordpress cms and you see a blank white screen. But at the same time you can successfully login to wordpress admin using the correct credentials.

So, that means your blog is not working but admin is working properly. So, what went wrong?


The cause of the problem is the active theme. The error indicates that the theme which is active for the blog does not exist in the themes directory of wordpress setup. If you remember what was your theme, you can directly go to the wp-content \ themes directory and cross-check if your theme exists.


Try to restore the active theme in the themes directory of your wordpress setup. If you know what was your theme, download the theme again and restore it in the themes directory using some ftp util. If you don’t know the active theme name then you have an option to fetch it from the wordpress mysql database, provided you have the access to it.

The active theme data is stored in the ‘options’ table, with option_name ‘template‘.

You can either restore the theme or change the template to use some other theme which exists in your themes folder. Activating another theme is not a foolproof resolution but it will at least make your blog work. Then you can go and change things.

That’s how I fixed this issue. Hope this is useful to you too.