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Income Tax India has a dedicated website to offer all its documents, policies, Tax calculator, PAN, TAN, TDS, Returns and hell lot of things related to revenue and finance in India at but do you know they have a dedicated website for their public relations department as well?

The PR website is accessible at

It is an unique initiative of the Income Tax Department, Government of India, to offer not only reliable but trust worthy services to taxpayers.

The best thing about is that you can easily locate the ombudsman around the country close to you and raise your concerns for quick grievance redressal.

You can locate your local ombudsman here. You can get their contact numbers and the availability.

If you aren’t aware: An Ombudsman is appointed by Government of India and is independent of jurisdiction of the Income Tax Department.

Generally Ombudsman settles grievances related to:

  1. Delay in
    • Issue of refunds
    • Disposing interest waiver petitions
    • Giving appeal effects
    • Disposing rectification applications
    • Allotment of PAN
    • Release of seized books of accounts and assets.
  2. Non credit of tax paid, including TDS
  3. Non acknowledgement of letters sent to the department
  4. Any other matter where government instructions and circulars in administrative matters have been violated.

Ensure following have been check-listed when approaching an ombudsman for your complaint:

  1. Your complaint is duly signed by you or your authorised representative.
  2. Your complaint includes your your name, full address and name of office and official against whom the complaint is being lodged.
  3. It is supported by facts and documents for reference.
  4. And obligatorily  specifies the relief sought from OMBUDSMAN.

Hope the above information is helpful to you.