India: 12th Five Year Plan: Engage Yourself

Posted In India - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Sunday, March 6th, 2011 With 0 Comments

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Five year plan is generally referred to the plan that Governments make for a particular country for next 5 years for the smooth functioning of the economy of the country. Number of countries in the world work on their respective five year plans to keep their economy running and uplifting the life of their citizens.

India too has 5 year plans since its inception in 1947. The first 5 year plan came into existence in 1951 and till then 11 five year plans have been developed and executed. Currently 11th five year plan is in progress which would end next year in 2012.

Here’s the quick list of Five year plans India had so far:

  1. First Five-Year Plan, 1951–1956
  2. Second Five-Year Plan, 1956–1961
  3. Third Five-Year Plan, 1961–1966
  4. Fourth Five-Year Plan, 1969–1974
  5. Fifth Five-Year Plan, 1974–1979
  6. Sixth Five-Year Plan, 1980–1985
  7. Seventh Five-Year Plan, 1985–1990
  8. Eighth Five-Year Plan, 1992–1997
  9. Ninth Five Year Plan, 1997–2002
  10. Tenth Five-Year Plan, 2002–2007
  11. Eleventh Five-Year Plan, 2007–2012

Planning commission of India has already started preparing the next five year plan for our economy which would come in execution next year in 2012. But the best part about the 12th plan is that the planning commission this time is trying to engage responsible citizens of the country in open discussions on important topics deciding the fate of the country. You yourself can participate in the discussion and suggest what you feel should be included for the benefit of the country.

Information Technology has really come a long way., developed and maintained by Planning  Commission of India, is the portal where you can not only participate in the open forum and read views from the intellectuals and economist but also contribute to the discussion.

It also lists down the suggestions by different stakeholders of the plan, like Solution Exchange and NABARD.

Having a facebook page is so much common these days. They too have it and you can like it and participate in the trending discussions. Join their facebook page.