Anna Hazare & Jana Lokpal Bill

Posted In India, Politics, Thoughtworks - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Friday, April 8th, 2011 With 23 Comments

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For the last few days you must have heard the terms ‘Jana Lokpal Bill‘ and ‘Anna Hazare‘ in news channels, Twitter, Facebook, your office place, society and everybody is talking about it.

Having accepted all terms of Anna Hazare by Government of India and Anna all set to break his 4 long days fast, let’s see what he and we have achieved thru it.

So what Jana Lokpal bill actually is. Well it’s not another gimmick by any political parties or media. It’s definitely a step towards a corruption free society in India. A step against the corruptions led by our politicians.

As we all know that in almost all corruption the root belongs to some politicians from any political party. So to address these corruptions we need a committee that consists of non-political persons and who are well known in country for their honesty and excellence in different fields. This bill just addresses the same. It says that the a civic committe will establish which will be comprised of non-political persons and who are well known for their honesty in their fields. The members could be like Kiran Bedi, Anna Hazare, Nandan Nilekani etc. Common people will be able to lodge their complains directly to this committee against any kind of corruption. This committee will review the complains and according to the importance of the complains, they will bring up the issues to Government and Government will be bound to take some steps about the issues this committee raised.

Some other important features of this bill:

  1. There shall be an institution of Lokpal with ten members and headed by a Chairperson.
  2. That part of CBI which deals with cases of corruption, shall be merged with Lokpal.
  3. CVC and the entire internal vigilance set in various central government departments will be merged with Lokpal.
  4. Lokpal will be completely independent of the Government.
  5. Lokpal shall have jurisdiction over bureaucrats, politicians and judges.
  6. Lokpal shall have the powers to initiate investigations and prosecution without needing permission from any other agency.
  7. Public grievances are often linked to demands / expectations of bribery. Lokpal shall act as appellate authority and supervisory body for grievance redressal systems in all central government departments.
  8. Lokpal shall be responsible for providing protection against physical and professional victimization to whistle-blowers.
  9. Members and Chairperson in Lokpal shall be selected through a transparent and participatory process.
  10. The functioning of Lokpal shall be completely transparent to avoid it from becoming a hub of corruption.
  11. Any complaint of wrongdoing against an official of Lokpal shall be investigated and acted upon within a month through a transparent inquiry process.
  12. If charges are proved and conviction takes place, loss to the exchequer caused due to his wrongdoing shall be recovered from all those who are convicted.

This kind of system is already successfully in many countries around the world and it will benefit the citizens of India from day one.

Good work Mr. Anna Hazare, you have shown  that sitting on railway tracks, hitting people and sending them out of state does not work. Peace and peace works.