Google Announces Changes in Google Apps

Posted In Google - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Thursday, April 28th, 2011 With 0 Comments

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Having been in the market for over 5 years, Google Apps has now decided to make a, somewhat, living from its Google App services too.

Google Apps is the service offered by Google to integrate your domain and emails, documents, sites, GTalk and other apps on Google servers. It comes free for small scale users and is paid for big businesses.

Currently, you can host 50 email accounts on Google at no cost but beginning 10th May 2011 the number is getting reduced to 10 which is good enough for many but not for some who rely heavily on Google apps for their medium businesses i.e. a strength of 20, 30 etc . But the good thing is that this will only impact new accounts created after 10th May. Accounts already hosted will continue to get benefit of 50 users and many others earlier committed by Google.

Another important change is the flexible billing option i.e. $5 per month per user option with the ability to add and remove users at any time and charged accordingly. This is a good thing.

Official announcement:


We recently announced upcoming changes to the maximum number of users for Google Apps. We want to let you know that, as a current customer, the changes will not affect you.

As of May 10, any organisation that signs up for a new account will be required to use the paid Google Apps for Business product in order to create more than 10 users. We honor our commitment to all existing customers and will allow you to add more than 10 users to your account for at no additional charge, based on the limit in place when you joined us.


The Google Apps Team