Make Your Blog Interactive, Add Live Chat

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Adding a live chat to your blog and/or website is always a good thing to have to provide live help / support / discuss things and lot more i.e. making the visit of your readers a bit interactive. They just saying “Hi” and you responding to it (if you are online) creates a positive effect on your readers and they become your regular readers.

There are many 3rd party systems available that provide Live chat support system with the administrator. You can also import those to your blog and work but they look a bit spammy to me. Administrators also have to be online on them exclusively. Personally, if I see those chat systems anywhere I immediately leave the page.

So, what is the alternative!!

Alternative is Google Talk Badge. Majority of us majorly use GTalk service and we remain online on GTalk most of the time, then why not use GTalk chat system on your blog. Your users won’t have to login too but just click and chat. You are already on GTalk so they can see your status too (online, away, offline, busy etc).

  1. Visit
  2. Login with your Google credentials.
  3. Create / Edit badge
  4. Copy, paste the code on your blog and all set.
  5. The best part is that you can create multiple badges for your different blogs with different title etc with same Google credentials i.e. online on multiple portal with different names at the same time.

After setting it up, it works as you can also see in the footer of this blog (

Chat badge is displayed something like this:

When your reader clicks on it, he will see a new chat window popping:

You will also see a new chat window appearing in your gmail box:

You can opt to not join the conversation as well. It works well when you are logged in on GTalk windows app too.