Speak Asia Online : Legal or Fraud?

Posted In India, Thoughtworks - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 With 3 Comments

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Everyone around is looking for an answer to this question these days but has anybody got it yet?

No, not yet.But why??

Is this not that straight forward or there is something with the company which they are hiding or with the media that they are not showing. Whatever is the case but delaying it may mean millions of people associated with the company would continue to be in between of disbelief the the company is legal in many ways but the company may not be legal in some ways or vice versa.

You may be one of the individuals who are stake holders and are into a state of disbelief after going through what is being broadcasted on Star News, Aaj tak, Headlines today channels for the last 3-4 days. The Ads regarding Speak Asia continues to be broadcasted during the IPL matches, although the routine for the Ads broadcasting is fixed beforehand but if the fraud is on such a high scale then the broadcasting of Speak Asia ads should have been banned straight away or for that matter the company might have run away till now.

Well this is very bizarre situation at first to be in, because your doubts which were there in mind before joining Speak Asia are beginning to come on top.

The company might not have ‘n’ number of things which make a company legal entity in any country but my only point is if the company is a fraud, why are they just not running away and trying to justify their positions to media thru different mediums. Press conference, one to one chat in the studio and n more number of things. If the company is really a fraud why the heck they are spending more money on all these and justifying their business model and not running away with what they have.

At the moment they are busy helping larger segment of people (specially from Media) understand the concept of Speak Asia.

You might find the answer yourself. We are not with them nor against. Any company can end at any time. You might refer to Satyam Computers fraud or for that matter Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. In both the case no one in the world could have projected what has happened but they happened. So, everything is based on speculation.

Please refer the complete details about the news and Speak Asia’s step after the news is broadcasted.

For a detailed line of action being taken by Speak Asia in the past, please refer :