Aaj ki Mahabharata [Video]

Posted In Fun, India, Thoughtworks, Video - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Friday, June 10th, 2011 With 2 Comments

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The cliff off between civil society members and the government today has led to the recreation of India’s great epic ever, The Mahabharta. It’s a fight against corruption between Anna Hazare & company with UPA2 government.

Rahul Duryodhana Gandhi is being groomed against by the crafty Digvijay Shakuni Mama to ascend the throne after Dhrithrastra Singh retires. Rahul’s loyalists also include the mendacious Kapil Dushasana.

Five valiant heroes – Dharmaraj Anna Hazare, Swami Bhim Rao Agnivesh, Kiran Arjuni and the two Bhushans – have been demanding good governance for Bharat Varsha from the rulers for a long time. Panchali Ramdevi, the princess of Panchal (co-terminus with modern Western UP) is also wedded to their cause.

I personally like the character of Panchali Ramdevi.

It’s really awesome. Have a look.