How to Hack PayPal Payments

Posted In Tutorials - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 With 1 Comment

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You must have a seen a lot of websites which ask for payments via PayPal before offering their services. You click on pay by PayPal button, make the payment and navigate back to the page with services.

Here is a quick HACK for bypassing payment option for websites which do not have strongly implemented PayPal payment option.

After you see pay by PayPal button on any website which offer services after payments, copy paste the following code in the address bar of the browser:

javascript:top.location=document.getElementsByName('return')[0].value; javascript:void(0);

You will be navigated back to the services / download page. The source site treats as if you have made the payment and you can then download or see services for free what were initially payable.

It works on many sites which have poor or basic implementation of Paypal but not all sites offering payment by Paypal. So if you see services page after executing the above line then it worked else try other sites.

We tried this method on couple of sites. One is below.

PS: This is just a hack for unsecured sites. They might tighten their security later on.