McDowells Platinum & Seagrams Royal Stag in a Tiff “Have I made it large?”

Posted In India, TV, Video - By NitiN Kumar Jain On Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 With 0 Comments

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Top two alcohol makers McDowell’s Platinum & Royal Stag have began to have a tiff via their advertisements on TV similar to one we saw between Coco-cola and Pepsi some time ago.

You all must have seen the below Royal Stag ad featuring cricketer Harbhajan Singh and talking about not joining his fathers business of ball bearings and being a cricketer instead and thus ‘making his life large.’

The McDowell’s ad takes a dig at the Royal Stag brand by lifting their phrase ‘Make it large’ out of context and placing it in a situation where a young sardar (Harbhajan look alike) working at his fathers ball bearing factory literally ‘makes it large’ when he makes big ball bearings. His father notices it and slaps him for making an unusable item.

After which Dhoni comes and says, “Zindagi main kuch karna hai to large chodo, kuch alag karo yaar.”

This is the first time that an alcohol company has been aggressive to take a dig at the competition directly.